Wednesday, 23 Sep 2020
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Zainab Balogun needs “Lagos Boys” to behave better!

Zainab Balogun has enjoyed a steady rise in the entertainment industry. The actress has gone from featuring in music videos, to producing and presenting her own TV shows. In February, she will play lead in the anticipated “Royal Purple Hotel”. The actress who makes it a duty to share how she feels on Twitter has a message for Lagos boys.

In an interview with Punch, she said,”I am not in a relationship, but when you find my future husband, tell him that I am here waiting for him. I don’t know what is wrong with Lagos boys and I think the men should hold a meeting and ask one another what the problem is.”

She continued, “Lagos is an interesting city when it comes to romance and I think we have our own unique language when it comes to love. However, since I got to Lagos about six years ago, I have not found anyone that has tickled my fancy. The few criteria I am looking for in a man are that he must be humorous, honest and transparent.

“He does not have to be rich, but he has to be aspirational because I am a very driven person and I spend a lot of time working. I cannot date a lazy person, we have to match each other when it comes to working hard.”

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