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#XploreReviews: ‘The Bodyguard’ jam-packs comedians & does nothing with them!

Director: Eneng Chris Eneaji

Producer: Eneng Chris Eneaji

Cast: Funny Bone, Emem Ufot, Damilare Kuku, Segun Arinze, Hafeez Oyetoro, Uche Udoputa

Year: 2018

Nollywood is so invested in comedy that every now and then, there is a new film with a group of comedians trying too hard to make us laugh. It is getting boring to follow this trend and over the years, we have been asking for more.

“The Bodyguard” has Uche Udoputa, Funny Bone, Hafeez Oyetoro and Emem Ufot as neighbors. The pairing is a bait to get you clicking on the new film streaming on Iroko TV. After you click, you will find your favorite people in another feature but with nothing to work with. Really, there is very little to enjoy.

Broke guys living in the same compound and unable to pay rent is the first announcement the film makes. Then we go forward and there is Emeka (Uche Udoputa) who is unable to sexually satisfy his wife, and so she starts an affair with the landlord played by Hafeez Oyetoro. When the landlord hikes the house rent, it inspires all the poor people living in his compound to find good jobs. It is what leads Johnson (Funny Bone) to a job as a bodyguard. The screenwriter tries to offer humor but if you are exhausted with unnecessary dialogue passed as comedy, you will not find a reason to laugh while seeing this.

“The Bodyguard” does not offer anything fresh or exciting, in fact, it is quite confusing what the film stands for.

If you are looking for humor, this is not it. If these actors are your favorite people, you will rather not watch them in this feature.

“The Bodyguard” earns a 4/10

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