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Xplorenollywood Reviews; #TBT Movie – Journey To Self

jounreyDirector: Tope Oshin

Producer: Ashinoye Michelle Raccah

Starring: Nse Ikpe-Etim, Dakore Akande, Katherine Obiang, Ashinoye Raccah, Carol King, Chris Attoh, Femi Jacobs, Femi Brainard, Tosin Sido

Year: 2013

Sometimes the death of a loved one does not just lead to heartbreak; it is not only a reminder that we are never going to see them again. Most times, a deeper revelation comes after death, we find out strange things about those we love. It is that revelation that comes after death that breaks our hearts more. We live with people and most times, we are blind to their pain, their sadness and so much more. Journey to Self takes inspiration from this rare perspective. It takes the death of a close friend for five friends to re-evaluate their lives.

Nse Ikpe Etim(Nse) Ashinoye Raccah (Regina) Dakore Akande (Alex) Katherine Obiang (Rume) lose a very close friend, Tosin Side (Uche), this death leads to the re-evaluation of their own troubled lives and through these women, who are very different yet very similar, new revelations are made and as childhood friends, who have gone through everything together, including attending the same school, they make the mistake of thinking they know everything about each other but the death of their close friend reveals more.

Ashinoye Michelle Raccah wrote one of the most impressive films of 2013 and it is Journey to self. An empowering film that debates strong issues affecting women in the society, she picks different interesting themes and makes a very powerful film with it. It features really powerful dialogue. From the issue of infertility, fear, single parenthood, stigmatization, abuse and cross-dressing, all these are explored. And they are powerfully handled through a commendable writing job from a woman herself, who may have gone through some of these experiences and who has made the decision to document it and make a powerful statement through film. The story is told through the careful use of flashback and letters.

Journey to Self focuses so much on its female characters that it almost forgets the men, except when in need of a reference. It is a female empowerment story and it is almost a female world with men accompanying the story, the problem is that there is no depth in their involvement in the film.

Acting was beautiful in this film from some of the almost unknown cast to some of Nollywood’s best. The film is complemented by the very beautiful performances from the cast, especially Nse and Ashionye. This was the first film I watched Femi Jacobs in and watching the film again for the purpose of this review. I can see why his talent has brought him this far.

We have to give it to Tope Oshin for the hard work. She does not take her job for granted and she does an incredible job with Journey to Self for a feature-length directing debut. I am very impressed.

The technical elements of this film are not too perfect but it does not distract so much, thanks to the hard work put in place to make this applaud able story. Watching it again, I can see where Desperate Housewives Africa got its inspiration for the 2015 series.

Xplorenollywood rates ‘Journey to Self’ with an 8/10

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