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Xplore Reviews: Your Wife is Mine

Director: Aniedi Awah Noba
Writer: Christopher Ozoemena
Cast: Belinda Effah, Ken Erics, Amanda Ebeye, Rex Nosa, Prince Nwafor, Aniedi Awah
Year: 2016
Run-time: 2 hours
Genre: Tragedy

This tragedy focuses on Ifeoma (Belinda Effah), a frustrated wife in an arranged marriage. Her husband George (Ken Erics) secretly kept a string of women which included her best friend Nancy (Amanda Ebeye) and the three housekeepers. The married pair were tired of the marriage in only a few months after tying the knot.

Ifeoma had wrongly expected George to get better after marriage, and when he didn’t, she panicked and ran to Nancy for advice. It was from there things really began to fall apart. She had to appear very broke to scout a distant neighborhood for a boy-toy she could break her wedding vows with. The multi-award winning actress played her role to perfection and the scene where she got harassed by a set of female thugs was one place to rewind. The visibly stricken stray wife could barely find her seat belt as she hurried off.

Prince Nwafor (Ada Mbano Reloaded, Mr Limpopo) played Frederick and his costumes were very disturbing. The mismatching bright-red shirts were one of kind, much unlike the adorable designs on Amanda Ebeye. Also, casting would have taken the day but how many overgrown housekeepers do a newlywed with no children need? Aerial views however were breathtaking and the camera angles were very neat.

Written by Christopher Ozoemena (Mr Potoski, Final War), Your Wife Is Mine is a story about marital troubles gone haywire. The entertainment might have been worth the watch, but this film gets a 4/10 for a bloody tragedy that wasn’t worth the time.

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