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Director: Pascal Atuma

Writer: Pascal Atuma

Cast: Pascal Atuma, Oscar Atuma, Tonye Lee Williams, Luenell, Justin Herron, Dorien Wilson
Brian Hooks, Vanessa Bell Calloway

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2015

LAPD AFRICAN COPS is the story of two policemen drafted into the Los Angeles Police Department but who applied African and global morals in the discharge of their duties.

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Officer Ghana (Pascal Atuma) and his partner Officer Naija (Oscar Atuma) are a sharp contrast to one other. Officer Ghana is a more expressive person who often seems to be more passionate about moral issues.

The movie infused comedy with lessons on current trends and global issues such as under aged strippers like ‘Rainbow’ (Ashley Drayton) who eventually turned a new leaf and took school seriously.

The director had the messages hit home like how kids were made to understand that wearing oversized clothes wasn’t cool and it was more responsible to aspire to be like Barrack Obama or Oprah Winfrey.

The movie also teaches and warns against premarital sex which came clearly from Officer Ghana’s mom (Tonya Lee Williams) to his fiancée (Trina McGee) – the changed stripers’ aunt. She firmly instructed that she mustn’t even kiss her son until the wedding ring was on.

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Credit goes to the ‘African Entertainment Group’, TABIC – The Atuma Brothers International Company’ as all the sites and locations were perfect.

The perfect side attraction was Luenell who eventually learned to honor and respect her man as the head of the home. A top highlight was learning not to beat a female as was the case with Brian Hooks.

Officer Naija remained very laid back, this reminded me of Don Jazzy. He was more sleepy eyed and although he admired Officer Ghana, he found him very noisy.

The movie stays solid and it is a good one to see with the family.


This review was written by Tolu Kareem a writer with Xplore and movie enthusiast, you can follow him on @tolukareem.

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