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The Wives

Director– Seke Somolu

Writer– Prof. Ahmed Yerima

Cast– Joke Silva, Kate Henshaw, Jide Kosoko, Iretiola Doyle, Kemi Lala Akindoju, Toyin Oshinnaike and Adebola Williams

‘The Wives’, a play written by Prof. Ahmed Yerima took place Friday and Saturday at the Agip Recital Hall of the Muson Centre. It was directed by Seke Somolu and produced by Kemi Lala Akindoju upcoming thespian and fast becoming a production guru. “Wives” a star studded production with award winning actors was a simple story, totally devoid of pretense as the roles came alive through each character and one could clearly identify with each of them.

As mentioned, it wasn’t that complicated as it didn’t take long to understand. Theo also known as Tiger is a rich and very notable figure in society, very influential with connections in the government, highly regarded in the church albeit very traditional with a chieftaincy title. He lived with his sister as well as his 1st and 3rd wife; as the second wife had divorced him 10years prior to his death whilst his children lived abroad. A semi happy family with the rivalry and tiff accustomed with most polygamous entities.

Well Theo dies and as is customary, his will needs to be read. He has asked to be buried in Lagos and not in the village, but his kinsmen want him buried according to traditional rites so a family member, Jide Kosoko, is sent to bid him farewell and perform those rites as befitting of an influential chief. When they arrive they meet a gay family and proceed with an inquisition into his death, this reveals a lot more than the family can handle.

As it relates to the characters, I felt Kate Henshaw needed to look a bit older as she spoke and tried to dress a lot older than she was meant to be as she was the first wife. The lovely Joke Silva played the role of a doting and dedicated sister, Iretiola Doyle was the stunning and successful second wife while Kemi ‘Lala’ Akindoju played the role of the naïve 3rd wife. The costumier did a fantastic job as the colors of the costumes, made a world of difference even though they were mourning they still had a lot of class and brightness which didn’t give too much of an impression of gloom.

The furniture / décor was also very nice, very homely with a hint of opulence but nothing razz or out of the ordinary. There was no fantastic play with lighting as what we had was good and did justice to the actors. They didn’t look all sweaty and worn out even at the close of the show (thumbs up to that). Sound started out very low way before the play itself started, we even had a snide remark of “we can’t hear you” by a phonetics speaking lady (cheeky smile); but it picked up as the play went on.

There was a nice touch of reality to the play and I dare say, Mr. Somolu handled his cast properly as they delivered to this with an exceptional execution. Miss Akindoju asides his naive role which she handled without breaking a sweat is one producer I am looking out for and rooting seriously for in the future.

The Wives is a must see, should they decided to have a re-run.

This review was prepared by Funmilayo Falola a lover of all things thespian and a Brand Consultant. 

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