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Web Series Review: Here are 4 lessons from “Rumour Has It 2”!

The new season of “Rumour Has It” made its debut in March and since then, it has kept true fans engaged, every Friday. The new season is directed by Jay Frankly Jituboh and there is less focus on the glitz and glam that made the first season. This season takes a new dimension that has helped us move from the absence of Obi (Uru Eke) and to accept the new direction of the story.

Mental health, privacy violation and marriage are all the themes that make up the second season.

Here are 4 lessons we picked up from it:

4. It shakes off stereotypical depiction of men in Nollywood:

Franklyn (Mawuli Gavor) is the male figure we hardly see on our screens. In the first three episodes, we almost believe that Franklyn is cheating on his wife and so we excuse Dolapo when she starts having an affair. As the season progresses, we find out that Franklyn has never cheated on his wife and his strange behavior is a process for his health. Franklyn has gotten a lot of support for being the unusual man on our screen.  He forgive his wife, defends her and insists on making their marriage work , after a sex tape involving her is spread online.

3. Karma always finds its way:

Ranti is not the happiest person in the new season. From her desperation to find love, to losing her blog, the new season satisfies our craving for the payback we wanted for Ranti. From the very first episode, Ranti betrays Obi, for the second time. Then she goes further to spread Dolapo’s sex tape and further complicates Arinze’s relationship. If you are a fan of Karma, especially after what Ranti did in the first season, then the second season is yours to rejoice over.

2. It proves that a good story can carry on despite a major shakeup:

Once I saw the cast list for the second season, I was worried. Many people from the first season were missing but I decided to give the first two episodes, from the second season,  a chance and it held me through more episodes. The new season is missing many of the intriguing faces, like Blossom Chukwujekwu, Toni Tones, and of course Uru Eke but good replacement was made. Jemima Osunde is promoted to a lead role and it pays off. Linda Ejiofor also did a decent job, but the main draw for the new season is Efa Iwara, who plays the mentally disturbed Femi.

1. There are mentally unhealthy people in Nigeria and they are not only found on the street:

Mental health is such an important conversation that has not been well explored in films. Even “Rumour Has It” does not quite capture it but it gives a little attention to the problem. Femi’s (Efa Iwara) character is not just obsession, it is mental disorder. This is a problem that we hope that the next season will follow up on. Ranti too, seems to be a mentally unhealthy character. These are traits that prove that she should be connected to a psychiatrist. These are all directions that can be taken for the second season.

Have you been following the new season of “Rumour Has It”, what lesson has it taught you?

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