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Web Series Review: “Bridezilla” focuses on an overzealous Bride!

Director: Christopher Luwanosa

Producer: The Wedding TV

Cast: Juliana Olayode, Ozma Sabrina, Oki Oluwabukola, Ogunbiyi Oluwatobiloba, Akami George

Year: 2017

I have never been in a room with a bride on the morning of her wedding but I hear it can be quite chaotic. They say weddings are for women. The planning, scheduling and everything that goes into a wedding is mostly attributed to a woman’s aspiration from when she is a child. They say women dream of weddings from a very young age, if you ask me, I will say it does not apply to all of us. But for some it is true, so the day has to be perfect, right?  “The Wedding TV” a page that dedicates its Saturdays covering weddings around town recently created a short film, which we assume is inspired by one of the brides they worked with. The story you are about to hear sounds exaggerated, but we have read worse stories of overzealous brides, and so, here goes the story…

On the morning of her wedding, a bride is not only nervous, she is confused and quite the lunatic for the photographer, makeup artist and her hair stylist to handle. These are people that dedicate their time at every wedding to make it quite the day for the bride. They do not only care about the bride while working, they do it for themselves, because taking exceptional photos of a bride or a couple could earn a photographer more clients. Making a bride up and causing quite the stir online can earn any make-up artiste many more clients. And creating an admirable hairstyle, that allows us enjoy the bride’s facial qualities can get any hairstylist a few more brides interested in hairstyling. The bride in “Bridezilla” has them all at her beck and call, but she is not satisfied. She spends the morning throwing tantrums. She makes crazy demands, and because these artistes have been paid they try to be patient with the bride. Eventually, she excuses herself and goes into her bathroom. She washes off the make-up and returns to ask the make-up artiste to start afresh.

“Bridezilla” gives us a peak into the life of one bride and it is quite enjoyable even though our lead character, Juliana Olayode seems to be in a rush. Her performance here lacks depth and is superficial. The character of the bride required a humorous depiction, and some intensity but Juliana lets us know that she is acting. The artistes are the true performers. They all look exhausted, and it is what is required from them as performers. After all, they are dealing with an unbearable bride.

“Bridezilla” is shot in a room, and the picture quality is admirable. We would have loved some good music to back this up. I mean which wedding in Nigeria does not happen with quite the memorable song? “Bridezilla” misses this.

Want to watch this? Check it out on YouTube and share your thoughts with us.

“Bridezilla” earns a 5/10

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