Sunday, 4 Dec 2022
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Watch Linda Ejiorfor, JJC Skills & Kayswitch in New Episodes of ‘Industreet’

Eight episodes into its season and Industreet is still in top form. The last three episodes have seen Eazy (Mo Eazy) move from glory to glory with AKG (Kayswitch) going the other way. AKG’s poor anger management saw him lose his spot to Eazy at an upcoming concert. I enjoyed seeing JJC Skills (as himself) directing AKG’s ‘Party at my House’ video. His fame as a music video director reminds me of Clarence Peters, Moe Musa (co-aerial photographer), Kemi Adetiba, and some others.

With Jane (Ruby Agwu) -the two-timer who launched the Eazy-AKG war- comes the truth of the quote, “The evil men do live after them”. Her embarrassment at Eazy’s place during a rehearsal with TT (Aloliefo Judith) was expected and superbly enacted. But having Sonorous (Olasunkanmi Omokanye) agree to having her on his upcoming video isn’t cool. What if she tries to double-cross her sister (Pearl Agwu) or sour his working relationship with Eazy? Feva (Tobi Makinde) has decided to stick with AKG but things aren’t looking up. In a manner of words he’s been asked to produce both beats and lyrics for a dope track. It’s only when he’s back at home with a pregnant Kelechi (Jumoke Aderounmu) that I realize he looks too young for this role.

Over at the other camp, with Feva missing and not turning up for anything, Ahmed (Nathan Bondo) decides to call him. But lo, DDream’s song was on Caller Tunez and no one had come to him to buy the rights. He was believably livid. Afterall he was the manager. Figuring out he had to meet DDream’s parents was to fast for comfort. He was too angry to have made such a smart decision. The scene Sonorous got embarrased by the owners of his borrowed clothes was a good laugh. And later, his performance later at the club -combined with his voice- gave me goose bumps. A vibrant Lydia Forson plays Madame Cynthia and Tony Nwafor (Leo Ugochukwu, co-writer) isn’t stepping on the brakes when it comes to her money. He’s provided a place for TT – the only female in the boy-band, and is set on shooting videos for Sonorous. A boatload of comedy is to be found where he meets MIC-L (Charles Okocha), the wannabe American Nigerian artist and his bodyguards.

Locations and costumes (by Ellan Red) go hand in hand for a ten over ten. Camera angles had no issues either. Sound and visual effects (with the ogbonge clarity) haven’t been falling my hand as the writers behind the music-drama series keep it coming. Created by Abdulrasheed Bello, every episode of Industreet is tested-ok and absolutely re-watchable.

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