Tuesday, 29 Nov 2022
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Want to act? Nigeria’s Creative Job platform Auditions.ng records 10,000 fans

Many people want to get into the entertainment industry, it is the most sorted industry in the country. It can get you the money, the fame and maybe, some respect. For many people an opportunity to come closer to their dream job is all they aspire to, and there is a job listing site in Nigeria that promises employment for actors, it just recorded over 10,000 fans across all platforms.

Two weeks ago, Auditions.ng, a job listing site for aspiring entertainment people, announced that it has reached over 10,000 fans across its platforms. This announcement was made amidst several fan sign ups as the site inches towards its goal of providing thousands of jobs for the Nigerian youth population.

According to one of its talents who recently landed a job via the platform, the main challenge of up-and-coming talents is getting industry information of where auditions were held. “The main problem I had with my chosen part of profession was not knowing where auditions were held. I searched and searched but to no avail,” he said.

The Head of Strategy, Auditions.ng, Soyem Osakwe added that Auditions.ng was created to simplify the otherwise difficult process for new talents to get jobs, agents or representatives. “We are opening up the industry to accommodate more talents as we believe in the potential of the multi-billion naira entertainment industry to create jobs for youths. With the site, many talents can boast of booking roles without having to look for an agent. We are excited about providing this value to our clients and creating jobs for the teeming youth population in Nigeria”.

Auditions.ng proposes to make it easier for aspiring entertainment people to navigate the seemingly closed off entertainment and creative industries. The goal of the job listing and casting site is to place thousands of youths in jobs within these industries through listing current auditions in Nigeria and other job openings. Auditions.ng is owned by the innovation group, Lexiton.

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