Wednesday, 30 Nov 2022
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TV Over Movies, Anyday, Anytime

Nigerian MoviesIt costs N700 to see a new film. In some cinemas; it costs as much as N1, 500. Some people will rather stay at home than cuff out that amount for a 90 minutes film, I get it. But if you are a movie buff, if you intend to understand the art better, or you love to write about films like us here, it is necessary to keep up with the industry by watching new films.

I don’t know about you, I enjoy watching films at home. Many people do. For example, you subscribe to DSTV FOR N5000, and you will be able to watch so much, in the comfort of your home. No distraction from people that want to chip in after every action. So why bother with the cinema anyway? Well new films are there that you cannot get on African Magic, immediately.

I love watching new films as they come but I even prefer watching TV series, anybody here feels the same? Don’t get it twisted, I totally love the experience that the cinema brings, it is recreational and it serves its purpose quite well.

There are just countless things that TV series do for us that the cinema does not. For example, through television, we grow with the story and grow with the characters. You don’t have to feel like you spent a big amount only not to enjoy what you have paid for. Television does not offer a quick experience, it serves experience with time. When I was younger, I remember how people used to rush back home to watch Super Story or even travel for hours to go watch Super Story at some family friend’s house. People watched through other people’s window. It was that serious. It was a mad movement, almost like they did with Star Wars recently. Okay, maybe it was not as serious as that, but it was close.

People don’t camp outside cinemas to see a new film in this part of the world, but I bet I can’t say the same for series. Before 30 proved this to me last year, I saw the hunger and the hurry from so many people.

I love to watch the episodes fresh and as they come. I have no patience to listen to another person tell me the story. I want to see it, I want to experience it. I can catch the film later but the episode, I need it immediately.

TV series afford us the opportunity to know where we stand if we would continue watching or we would just let it go. Hollywood has a problem of keeping up with really good series. After season 1, it seems to go downhill. The problem with Nollywood is not the problem of keeping up with the fire. They don’t continue the series at all. I can start with a whole page of series that I started watching and I am yet to see a season 2. Last year, I invested time in watching Before 30 and Desperate Housewives Africa. They were really great, especially Before 30. It was different, original and riveting. I hear it will be back soon. Great! It was the best thing on TV last year.

This year, a lot of series are “killing” it. From Delilah (My favourite so far) to Duplicity (second favourite), there is also Hush and the Governor, these producers are living on their toes, to create compelling stories.

The different mediums we consume entertainment are all important, but something goes into making TV series in Nollywood, the same is not applied for films, and it is not the long hours of dishing content after content, it is something deeper. We will dive into that subsequently but let’s not stop the conversation here; what is your favourite TV series, people?

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