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Top 5 Nollywood Trailers That Translated to Beautiful Movies

Simple images, powerful monologues, telling dialogues, awed expressions and tensed music, those are some of the few things you may notice while watching a movie trailer.

Why movie trailers? A trailer is a persuasive offer.  It is a campaign to get you to see the film, when it gets released.

Think early Nollywood, and you will remember that a film did not just go straight to the opening scene. There were films upon films that sometimes, took more than thirty minutes, and these films were advertised by the same production companies serving you films you bought to watch. So they promoted their other films.

The trailer for the upcoming film “93 Days” by Steve Gukas was released recently. The response was generally positive. The beautiful composition of imagery, fantastic acting, especially from Bimbola Akintola and the weight of pain Ebola caused Nigeria were all captured in the 2:30 minutes trailer. When real life is saddled with heart-breaking situations such as the one portrayed in 93 Days, there is need to feed the consciousness of people. That is what 93 days promises. The 93 Days trailer did what movie trailers are meant to do: it left us demanding for more. We hope our expectations are met when we finally see the film that pays tribute to one of the greatest and recent heroine Nigeria has ever had.

Most times film trailers are more intriguing than the actual film. After all, the purpose is to get you to see the film, so they spend more time creating film trailers that actually get you to the cinema. I watch a lot of film trailers; some excite me and make me look forward to watching the film. Sometimes there is nothing to look forward to.  Another big film I am looking forward to is “76”, the trailer was different, it was solid and Izu Ojukwu has proven time and time again, that he is a cinematic showman, when he delivers a trailer, you look forward to what he has, and the chances are high that you will leave the theatre more fulfilled than you went in.

Without further ado, here is my countdown for the five best movie trailers. These films did not just make promises with the trailers; they kept to the promise.

All films are from 2010 up

  1. Iyore by Frank Rajah Arase (2014)

From Rita Dominic, Okawa Shaznay to Paul Obazele, the casting was great. The trailer was promoted with a weight of Benin tradition. The well-composed acting that was well projected in the trailer was why I watched it. It was a delight, wholly fantastic.

See the trailer here:

  1. Dry by Stephanie Linus-Idahosa (2014)

Dry is an important film. Stephanie is a great actress. There was a message she was trying to pass, there was the return of Liz Benson to look forward to, and there was also the fantastic acting by Zubaida Ibrahim. All these elements made me eager to see Dry, it took too long to see it but it was worth it.

See the trailer here:

  1. Phone Swap by Kunle Afolayan (2012)

Nse Ikpe Etim has my heart. From Guilty Pleasure to Reloaded, I saw a new face that I was eager to keep seeing. The trailer had all the right people to make me eager for the film. There was Joke Silva, Hafeez Oyetoro and Ada Ameh, what a way to market a film! The best part is we saw a great film.

See the trailer here:

  1. A Place in the Stars by Steve Gukas (2014)

Before the 2015 AMVCA’s, I did not know about the film A Place in the Stars, I watched the trailer only after the continuous nomination pop-up’s. I was eager to see the film. It features an impressive performance from a stellar cast, especially Gideon Okeke, tell Gideon what you want a character to be and he will deliver. This crime drama served something unusual. From the trailer to the film, A Place in the Stars was unbelievable, in a very good way!

See the trailer here:

  1. Ije by Chineze Anyaene (2010)

I was in boarding school when this was released. I did not see the film; I did not see the trailer for almost three years after it was released. I eventually saw the trailer; it was a perfect encapsulation of the whole film, even though it did not give away the best part of the story. There was so much to look forward to from the trailer and when I watched the film, there was so much that I was grateful for. If you ask me to recommend a film for you, the first would be Ije. Ije was a bold statement. Chineze Anyaene’s exhilarating energy could be felt.

See the trailer here:

Look, people, I still have the trailer of Ije in my phone and from the 1:40 mark, I feel totally alive, Asa’s fine music, the wealth of cleanly delivered acting, the elasticity of the storyline. The substance of the whole film- everything! Ije is a stunning accomplishment that would stand the test of time.

But let’s not end the conversation here, tell me in the comments section your best Nigerian trailer of all times!

Rejoice a movie enthusiast, who feels Art is inspiring, it makes her think and she believes it is the way forward. You can check her out on Facebook: www.facebook.com/joicesamuelabutsa

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