Wednesday, 30 Nov 2022
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Top 3 Nigerian World Cup Adverts!

With the #Russia2018 World-cup over, the greatest football tournament in the world, was a delight to watch with France claiming the converted Cup and title.

For the 4-6 weeks that the tournament was on, I watched some of the best corner kicks, passes, penalties and goals from the famous and not so famous players around the world square it out and eventually, be eliminated from the tournament till the win.

While the Nigerian team didn’t proceed further than their group matches, the world cup was the best time for advertisers to truly strut their brands and products to an audience or probably more than a billion people. There were they international adverts such as Hyundai, Budweiser, Adidas and so on, however, bringing it home, there were adverts that made me patriotic and fun to be united for a common goal and I present the top 3 Nigerian ads for #Worldcup2018:

3. Russia 2018 World Cup with Mr. Ibu; GoTV: Mr. Ibu leads this crop of friends in trying to convince us that you don’t need to be in Russia to enjoy the tournament. While this is down to earth and our usual slap stick advert, it does make an   appearance on this countdown.

4. Nigeria FIFA WorldCup Moments; STARTIMES: An emotive advert that almost had me in tears. While it said ‘Moments’ I know we didn’t have Startimes in the 1990s, but it was a well-produced advert. With good cinematography and continuity.

1. Naija All Way; Pepsi Nigeria: I am sure everyone agrees with me on this? Not only did the nicely produced commercial have all our favourite celebrities and football icons, there was a sense of unity with the commercial and that hand movement, Wakanda forever is still on because of that hand gesture, so why can’t we milk it in our own way. I totally loved the Pepsi Advert and was sad when we lost as it couldn’t continue running. If they could find a way to reuse it, putting a national unity spin to it, I would totally align with it and the brand.

What do you think, did I miss your favorite ad for the Worldcup?

What do you think happened to the theme song for the tournament anyway?

Tell me what you think, in the comments section.

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