Sunday, 29 Jan 2023
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Toke Makinwa, The Matharoo Sisters and More, Celebrity Controversies That Can Inspire Box Office Hits!

We love entertainment and that is why we spend our weekends at the cinemas. The celebrities that we enjoy watching on screen sometimes do not just offer pleasurable drama on screen but in real life. There is always a new controversial story out there about celebrities; they work hard to overshadow each other with the controversies they insist to make public. It is interesting to watch. We are in this business to make money and the public display of drama by these celebrities could serve really interesting stories that turn to box office hits.

“Rumour Has It” is rumoured to have been inspired by the life of media personality Toke Makinwa and while it served us an interesting drama, her new book, “On Becoming” offers us a new dimension to a story that we would love to see a director like Blessing Egbe direct, write and produce, just because Blessing knows how to sustain us with her films that feature female drama.

Here are the Best Stories We think Can be Box Office Hits and we will definitely pay to watch them:

5. The Matharoo Sisters:

We have no idea how these girls managed to dig dirt on some of the most influential people in Nigeria but when they were caught things turned awful. Now they’ve gone rogue. These girls provide the right dose of entertainment for a blockbuster. A film about two sisters running a blog with juicy stories on the most influential people in Nigeria can do well with the right scriptwriter and director on board. We think Rita Onwurah with her expertise in writing really interesting scripts that relate to women will do a good job writing this script. And, after “The Meeting” I will pay to see Mildred Okwo behind the camera for this project.

4. Seun Edegbe and the Theft Tryst:

Call it Karma, call it a habit that is just gaining public attention but Seun has been the subject of severe ridicule online. His story makes for a very interesting plot line. Walter Banger will make this one a total blockbuster and a bonus will be to start the film from when he graduated from being a director to a professional robber.

3. Toke Makinwa’s “On Becoming”:

If we wrote this article last year, this will be number one but The Matharoo sisters and Seun have overshadowed Toke and her bestselling book. We kind of got part of the story on “Rumour Has It” but we would love a re-occurring series with each side of the story. The gist just got hotter with Maje Ayida countering her claims in “On Becoming” what’s more the minions on twitter have been encouraging him to share his own side of the story, even asking him to name his book “The Book Of Lies”. Whether the “The Book of Lies” or “On Becoming” we are ready to watch this with professional actors. Uru Eke can reprise her role with Blessing Egbe directing.

2. Tiwa Savage and Teebillz:

It’s been almost one year that one of the most controversial marital disagreements hit us; our only concern is that we need a film as soon as possible. I mean think about it, a superstar musician and the man that helped launch her career in a dispute that shakes their marriage publicly. Who wouldn’t want that? I think we know everything that played out already but there could be more and we can’t wait. Adeola Osunkojo will do an extraordinary job with this story, I mean, look at Rumour Has it.

1. Ubi Franklin and Lillian Esoro:

A heartbroken man and a woman moving on with her life, while the public endlessly speculates. Social Media has made it easy for us to share in the lives of our celebrities and since we know so much that we shouldn’t then it will be nice for one of the very creative writers to share with us more about this couple on screen. Lillian can take the lead role. She knows best!

What celebrity controversy will you like to watch on screen? Share in the comments section.

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