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The Return of Baby Oku in America

Director – Tchidi Chikere 
Written by– Gabriel Moses
Cast– Mercy Johnson, Patience Ozokowo and Chet Anekwe 
Genre– Comedy 
Run time– Disc 1:  1:15:56  Disc 2: 1:14:39
Year– 2014
O gini kin na ko, ina ko bullsh*t… Kelly
Against my better judgement, as well as my inquisitive nature I picked up a copy of this movie to watch and review. 
The Return of Baby Oku in America is the sequel to Amaco’s Investments Baby Oku in America, were Baby Oku tries to manage herself in America after her husband departure. While I believe there wasn’t a real need for a sequel as it isn’t all the time that a movie must literally end, not ending/leaving us hanging in itself is a creative thing. But how do we make money if we don’t have a sequel right?
Mercy Johnson comes back as the local champion Baby Oku, this time she isn’t alone, she is with Patience Ozokowo who plays Igwe and we thank God for that. I tried to read between the lines and understand why people find this movie funny and after 2 hours plus, i still couldn’t figure it out. I will however give a thumbs up to the women and the energy they put into acting to get us as viewers to laugh, cause most of their jokes and behaviors fell flat. I did however, enjoy having Kelly played by Richard Landford in the movie. He was the typically white man trying to be black, that didn’t need to do much to make me laugh as his mannerisms made him funny and stupid at the same time. 
Chet came out more this time, his resolve to wear his woman out was welcoming and came from a genuine place but the end, hmmmm…
There was a change in directing and scripting for this movie as director and script writer for part one Ikechukwu Onyeka and Ifeanyi Anando moved to production roles while Tchidi Chikere and Gabriel Moses handled the latter roles.  While change is the only constant thing, I believe when roles are changed, you do so because you probably want a different angle or you want some more creative juices in your production well neither was the case for this movie. Directing felt like a no brainer, no out of the ordinary angles or scenes. I guess all Tchidi had to do was scream “action” and the characters did their best to make a fool of themselves. For scripting, ditto. While shooting in America, is obviously a big deal for some productions, I don’t understand why the local talent require are not professionals or better still trained for their roles? It isn’t everything white we jump up on, it just shows the level of which Amaco Investment value their productions. 
The Return Of Baby Oku In America(why this title, thought she was in America already) wasn’t any better from Baby Oku in America, it earns a 3.5/10 from Xplore. 
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