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#TBT Movie Review; “Oasis” is an enjoyable romance flick!

Producer: Yinka Ogun and Ariyike Oladapo

Director: Ernest Obi

Screenplay: Yinka Ogun

Cast: Ufouma McDermott, Sylvia Oluchi, Joseph Benjamin, Femi Brainard

Year: 2014

Shade (Ufuoma McDermott) is a focused 30 something year old woman with a flourishing  career. But like all unmarried women her age, she faces pressure from her best friend Brenda( Sylvia Oluchi) and her grandmother (Who we only meet through phone calls) to get married. Shade is not interested in marriage, until, she meets her “Price charming” who appears in the body and charm of Joseph Benjamin, he sweeps her off her feet.

Despite her lack of interest in marriage, Shade is able to fall in love with Billy (Joseph Benjamin) and plan a marriage. Things happen fast, until she uncovers some information that threatens their union. In a quick change of mind, Shade returns to an ex suitor, accepts to marry him, and then she rejects him again when she corrects her mistakes. He is left to hurt, and no explanation is offered for this. His heartbreak is for him, and for us the viewers to figure out.

Oasis is fast paced and this looks good, till we get to the last fifteen minutes of the film. There it looks like the writer has no concern for the audience but to get the story wrapped and produced. Despite, these problems, ‘Oasis’ is an interesting film, it vaguely educates on the use of limited characters and scenes.

Joseph Benjamin and Ufuoma McDermott continue with their record of giving excellent performances here. Sylvia Oluchi, however, stands out for her ability to be the gossip, rich-man-loving friend. When it gets too dense, the appearance of her character lights up the screen.

‘Oasis” is on YouTube, you can check it out and let us know what you think.

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