Tuesday, 4 Oct 2022
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“So, I Married a Jazzman”, Charles Novia announces new project!

Charles Novia took a long break from Nollywood, as a Producer and a Director. One of the things he concentrated on is writing about films being released and good actors and those not doing so well. Charles is a firm critic and is fearless about his contributions to the film industry.

Charles has directed a number of great features, it explains why we are excited about his recent announcement. The Director/ Producer took to his Instagram page to announce that he will be releasing “So, I married a Jazzman” among many projects he has slated for the year.

Charles is the Director and Producer of “Missing Angel,” “The Bridesmaid,” “Caught in the Middle” and  2013 “Alan Poza,” which was his last notable work.

After a hiatus from moviemaking for other media investments (watch this space) and getting tired (lol) of fans and foes harassing me on why they haven't seen any new movie from me for a while, I have decided to squeeze time in 2018 to shoot a couple of movies. You all know me as a Writer/Producer/Director and I write all my screenplays. I have a few screenplays written by me over the years and sleeping in a corner. Lol. But I recently finished the final draft of a new screenplay which will be the first in a slew of movies I will shoot in 2018. This one is titled 'So, I married a Jazzman…'. I kinda like this story on chance and fate, taking our destinies in our hands when the situation is between you and time! I don't make movies to compete. I make movies which are true to my heart which I make to share with people. I make movies on my whims and my gut feelings have never failed me in all the movies I have produced all through the years. I have a very good feeling about this one. Casting and Pre-Production mode activated. #November Productions new movie alert! #A Charles Novia Think #Here we go again!

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