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Series Review: “This is it” comes to an End with an educative final season!

Producer: Lola Dee

Director: Lola Dee

Screenplay: Lola Dee

Number of Episodes: 10

Cast: Nick Mutumi , Chaigoziem Nwakanam, Bimbo Ademoye, Nick Mutumi

Year: 2017

On YouTube, the one thing uniting Nigerian and Kenyan romantics is Lola Dee’s ‘This is it.” The show is thriving from fan support coming from West Africa, as well as East Africa. Lola Dee’s execution would look quite simple on the screen, because of its tone, but until you understand the complexity of writing really enjoyable content for a large audience, you wouldn’t understand why we appreciate the young creator. “This is It” boasts of over 100,000 views across episodes. The comment section is filled with appreciative notes to the director, it is one of the things that will lure you to click on an episode, and when you do, you will search for more episodes.

“This is it” made its debut earlier this year. The show featured Tomide Mwenda and Dede, a married couple. “This is It” is an exploration of what it means to be young, married, clueless and in love. The first episode followed the couple as they adjusted to their lives as a married couple, but the second and final season is even better.

Lola Dee ensures that her show does not create an unrealistic image of love, but promotes learning, compromise and communication for couples. For the new season, she focuses on creating episodes aimed at educating her audience on different issues. For example, she focuses on educating us on Ovarian Cyst, and on Therapy and addiction, in what is my best episode ever (episode 8 – #TeamKe) she satisfies her Kenyan audience by focusing the story on their culture.

While hopeless romantics will spend time sobbing while watching “This is it,” Lola Dee consciously refuses to create a spotless portrait of love. ‘This is It” is genuine.  With Tomide and Dede, she explores what it means to be young, in love, have problems and work towards solving these problems.

“This is it” is one of the best shows on romance but it will also educate you.

You can stream the first and second season on YouTube. The show is highly recommended!



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