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Series Review (Episode 1-5): “Everything In Between” Advocates for Equality on every level!

Director:  Uduak Obong Patrick

Producer: TIERS Nigeria

Screenplay: Ashionye Michelle Raccah

Cast: Ashionye Michelle Raccah, Linda Osifo, Emma Okoye, Demola Ogunjini, Ayoola, Denrele

Year: 2017

The Initiative for Equal Rights in Nigeria has been concerned about the criminalization of Gay marriage in Nigeria, but they are getting quite stereotypical about the reaction to  gay marriage in film. In Hell or High Waters, a bitter ex threatens and releases footage that destroys the life of a pastor in Nigeria.

In Everything in Between we meet Dayna Elliot, a successful TV personality and a divorced single woman, she is also in a Lesbian relationship, she hides this from her mother who is eager to see her get married again. Her best friend Jimmy (Denrele) knows of the relationship, and it is a news she is eager to keep secret from everybody else. When her ex-husband shows up to request for a money, she refuses, and  he threatens to release pictures of her in a sexual position with her partner. She gives him the money and regrets it. As it looks, that is the first situation out of many that he would ask her for money. Dayna is not our only character; we have Demola (Ayoola) who is rejected by his father for being Gay, and when his father is stricken by cancer, his father requests to see his son.

Our main character (Michelle Ashionye Raccah) is a single woman; she is over thirty and faces pressure by family to get married. She loves  younger men and even considers insemination when her friend Ruby (Linda Osifo) pressures her.

Everything In Between does not focus on one character but many different characters and how discrimination can play a part in destroying lives. Discrimination is not fascinating, and so far, I have enjoyed the goal put at the fore by TIERS Nigeria. However, the blackmail theme that re-occurs here leaves me worried about the use of this theme that was used in their previous film “Hell or High Water”.

The production quality is impressive and Michelle Ashionye writes the type of script she knows will get the interest of Nigerians. So far, so good, Everything In Between has been serving major drama and I cannot wait to see the next episodes for the show.

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