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Saro ‘The Musical’

My girl Duvy from – the much publicized ‘Saro The Musical’ and here is what she thought about it:

There were so  many events, it was truly a struggle to decide which to attend and which not to.  It’s one of the reasons why I love this season. Events and Sunshine and Art and Creativity, Cocktails and Roses and Shoes and Ruby woo, Travelling, poetry, watching movies, these are a few of my favorite things…

SARO is the story of four young men who were determined to break free from the yoke of frustration and lack of opportunities. To explore their talents and realize their dreams, they decided to embark on a journey to the land of opportunities, Lagos. A devastating experience landed them in the lap of destiny, success ignited them and love fueled them.

‘SARO the Musical’ was conceived as a patriotic cultural project to assist local talents. The play had over a hundred man cast and crew. It was conceptualized by Bolanle Austen- Peters founder and owner of Terra Kulture.

What rocked…

There was a back drop for my paparazzi moment with clear visibility of sponsors.

I got my picture taken! Lemme know if you see me on www (at) bellanaija (dot) com.

Celebrity things lol

Styled by House of Martin by the way.

My first view of the stage was breath taking

Though the event started late, I was glad to see my favorite male mc – IK grace the stage in his deliciously nice grey suit. With his lovely introduction as usual, he got me even more eager to watch the play.

Ride on IK, you rock!


The 100 man band was indeed intriguing as they mesmerized me through different dance moves and evoked feelings of nostalgia through the crowd. The play was really nice. 
By the 7pm showing, there were slight issues with the sound but I couldn’t care less, yes, it was that nice.

Well done Bolanle Austen- Peters.

I will definitely come for the next one.

The opening sequence was really good.

The dancing was amazing.

I was just smiling like a fish.

It reminded me of Kakadu the musical. I’m not sure how many of you saw it but Kakadu the musical had a somewhat similar story and I thoroughly enjoyed it too.

Take a sneak peek here brought to you by my Samsung Galaxy S4 and I



The event came to a close late into the Sunday evening. The creativity in the art industry is truly breath taking and any company that does not support this is truly ignorant of the talent inherent in Nigeria
In Bolanle’s words, we are the new oil!!! 

What sucked…

1. Okay, first impressions last, the usher said to me your ticket, your ticket! Okay, I am a very patient person, but this ticked me off, particularly because my ticket was the only thing in my hands, visibly displayed. If she had only looked!

Next up, I was sent to a registration desk to get my tags.
Then I saw two sets of bouncers who asked for my tickets again at the door. Oh boy, how I wan get tag without ticket, na wa o.

Then, I got in.
So, seeing I had a 10k ticket, I assumed I would seat way in front perhaps by the VIP segment.
Don’t laugh at me na, I know tables were at about 1,000,000 naira but which one consign me, I was like, someone will direct me.
To my delight, no one did and so I kept moving on.
Shortly after, someone came to me tapped me and said- orange, this way.
Ah, now you appear,I thought as I made my way in.

Well, some may argue that the pillars were labeled but you must agree with me that you shouldn’t be in an event searching for where the signs are, you should be directed to your seat jare so your brain is relaxed and all.

2. The sound had slight issues

3.  Brand leverage could have been better.
 Diamond, could you have branded the tickets, the brochures and done a lot more?
For an event of this magnitude, I don’t think you leveraged it well enough.

This was all I saw and the umbrella props on stage.

@Diamond bank, here are some tips-

Paint the entire event with your branding next time.
Your colors work, use them!
Brand the tickets going forward.
Your branding should be on all touch points.
Take a hint from GTB and the analysis I did in my last post.
The way they branded the Lagos Fashion Design week and leveraged it too was really good.  

For more pictures and information on the event, Visit for more updates.


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