Sunday, 20 Sep 2020
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Reality TV Shows; Building or Making Stars

realityReality shows used to have a great impact in the entertainment industry. Some reality shows made stars, they lived big, they got endorsement deals and became really influential.

 When Big Brother started, most people were interested in the game; they were hungry for a little drama, families tuned in to watch the drama that will unfold, the betrayal and so much more. There were frequent votes by the audience to save their favourite contestants but slowly the popularity began to dwindle, probably because viewers got tired of the recycled games being played. Since the 2014 Big Brother Nigeria, there has been no Big Brother game show on our screen.

Reality Shows like Peak Talent Show, Nigerian Idol, X-factor, Nigeria Got Talent and so many more, most of them have made one hit stars and nothing else. Some others were just game shows with the shine and glitter and when the winners are announced they disappear.

With the MTN project fame Season 9 crowning the very talented Okiemute as winner, it is questionable what they intend to do with this vibrant talent. When last did the show make a star out of the competitors? Project Fame has everything set to make stars out of the competitors; the contestants do not have an easy training. It is arguably the best reality show out there by all standards. They train contestants not just to sing well but to have a valuable stage presence. They train them to be competitors when they eventually get into the industry and yet the last star the show boasts of is Chidinma from season 3, who is barely doing anything in the industry. This is season 9.

Amstel Malta Box Office was the assurance actors got that they were going to be stars. It made Ivie Okujaiye, Bayray Mcwizu and the very talented O. C. Ukeje the stars they are today but the show stopped abruptly and no other show has been able to take over in doing the same things that AMBO has done. AMBO has made stars that are still relevant till date.

Chika Ike has a reality show that promises to make stars but they spend time in the house. They are trained and yet the first season has not really made a star but it is back for a second season.

 It is not about giving the money to the best among the competitors, it is about exposure and teaching them how they can make more of that money. That is what our reality shows fail to do and that is why years after the show is over, we don’t hear about the winners and another year comes and another person takes over and still the next does not become a star.

Some of them have to struggle on their own to super stardom. Yemi Alade, Omawunmi, and Praise despite not winning the reality shows have managed to create a viable career for themselves and are doing pretty well.

Reality shows should focus on grooming stars and not just gathering votes that enrich the sponsors. Teach them to make the money, teach them about the business, self-promotion, and appeal to the masses and help them achieve all these even when the show is over. Teach them how to navigate the business and that way, people will not compete to win money but they will compete to have a life-long career, which should be the central goal of the reality shows.

What do you think? Do you feel our ‘Reality Shows’ are building or making stars? Tell us in the comments section.

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