Saturday, 16 Jan 2021
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Onyeka Nwelue’s First Feature Film “Agwaetiti Obiuto” to premiere Saturday, May 5th.

If you have ever wondered why Africa is so rich, yet so poor, Onyeka Onwelu is set to answer all of that with his feature length debut, “Agwaetiti Obiuto”, The director of “The Great Mastubator” has been working to establish himself as an author and a filmmaker.

Onyeka‘s Agwaetiti Obiuto is an investigation into why Africa- the black man, really appears to be reeling from a cursed narrative. The film is about a small town in Southern Nigeria, Oguta.

Although the African continent is blessed with gold, diamonds, oil, coltan, bauxite, uranium, iron ore and other valuable resources, most of its inhabitants have long numbered among the world’s poorest.

“Agwaetiti Obiuto” is the story of a kind of truth, simple and honest, that takes you on a trip to the Zoo of African Monsters. Corruption, the double-headed beast, will roar at you. Insecurity, with its venomous fangs, will snarl and scare. There are more. But the tragedy is that if you live in Africa, you don’t have to visit the Zoo. You already live there.

Agwaetiti Obiuto is Nwelue’s first feature film and it will premiere at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA on Saturday, May 5th.

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