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Omoge Shoki

Director- Austin Emmanuel
Producers- Jumoke Ikudaisi
Written By – Jumoke Ikudaisi
Cast- Fathia Balogun, Bukky Wright & Jumoke Emmanuel
Time –  2hrs+ (Disc One & Two)
Year- 2015
Genre- Drama
omoge shoki
Ere sese bere 
I would like to say I detest Yoruba movies and would rather not review them, but as a movie blogger, I most give every production it’s due. It baffles me what move people to indulge in the movies as most times it is mainly about runs/prostitution, money, rituals and poison.
Omoge Shoki is no different. Staring the likes of Fathia Balogun, Bukky Wright & Jumoke Emmanuel the film mirrors the life of these 3 ladies and how they survive in the world of subtle prostitution. They have their regular pimp who brings them the customers they need but they also have a Lawyer who apparently brings them the bigger fish. So in another vain, this film also tries to tackle the act of greed.
The characters know their onions, that is Balogun and Wright, being that they have been in the industry for donkey years and have also had a feel of acting in English movies, I believe they know what the difference is  and both experiences should be brought to bare in their performances in Yoruba productions.
Asides the fact that the movie had a part 2, which was a mere continuation, not a different storyline or plot, my annoyance was on an all time high. The high pitch screaming because of territory, the low quality production with horrible angles, the lack of creativity and imagination, the tight skimpy costumes that showed the female bulges  that should never been displayed, this whole production was a hot mess.
From Xplore, this is more of a warning than a grade, watch at your own peril.


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