Monday, 3 Oct 2022
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NTA: Nigerian-American filmmaker, Uche Aguh releases trailer for “House Invictus”!

Uche Aguh, is a Nigerian- American Doctor turned Filmmaker, who attained some level of fame for being the brain behind the wedding film for ex-destiny child singer, LeToya Luckett.

Before the release of thh wedding video, Uche attained acclaim with his highly poetic films, such as the short film “I Still Do” and his viral concept trailer for Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah, and the trailer for The Beautiful Ones Are All Mad, the psychological drama exploring mental health. But The Beautiful Ones Are All Mad was never made. Instead, The House Invictus took priority for the Nigerian director. “I finally filmed the feature film I have been dreaming of, only, it was different than the one I originally intended to do first: The Beautiful Ones Are All Mad. I went for something a bit more spicy and controversial.” Aguh said in his most recent interview.

The House Invictus moulds itself after horror frat movies like Goat (2016) and Frat House Massacre (2008).

Set in a respectable and quiet college society house for young, gifted and talented black men, in 1980’s Georgia, The House Invictus is a psychological thriller that examines the shared history of black folks in America, both modern and past. Blood, chaos, upheaval, sex and religion, and its cultural fallout blended with the psychology of race, masculinity and the power of brotherhood.

Watch the trailer:

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