Sunday, 29 Jan 2023

NTA: “Journey of an African Colony: The Making of Nigeria” Is an interesting watch!

During your history classes in school, did you ever wonder what a documentary, telling you of how Nigeria came to be will look like? Would it have given you a better experience of the history of Nigeria?

Based on the books “Possessed” and “A Platter of Gold,” a documentary “Journey of an African Colony: The Making of Nigeria” has been created to take you through the journey of how Nigeria came to be.

Covering events from the Bombardment of Lagos in 1851 to “The Garri War” in 1945, the documentary shows the struggles of our heroes past.

While there is no official date of release for the documentary, it looks like a very essential learning product for students and adults that will like to understand Nigeria from inception till this moment.

Olasupo Shasore, who is a Lawyer on policy, a Historian and a Filmmaker is the brain behind the documentary.

See a short teaser below

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