Thursday, 8 Dec 2022
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#NewSeriesAlert – ‘Boomerang’ Explores Family Relationships Amidst A Hazy Plot!

Directed by Akinwunmi Akinyele and Patrick Uduak Obong, Boomerang is a new TV series exclusive to Funke Akindele’s SceneOneTV. The first episode was released on the 4th of September and the story is credited to four writers: Olufunmi Morgan, Jide George, Toritseju Abeson, and Sunday Kelemunwe. But there’s little to distinguish this episode from a screaming fest. Asides from the fact that its visual production wasn’t sharp enough, the sound (by Taofeek Adewole) kept on fluctuating.

The head of the family (Eric Obinna) is a retired pensioner who faints on a queue. Waking up in a hospital gets him worked up when he should have been thankful. Back at home, his wife (Bukola Thomas) plays with his supper and shows she can match him in a battle of words. The eldest son (Henry Arnold) seems to be perpetually at loggerheads with both parents, and unlike Misan (Ziggy Alloy) his younger brother, he thinks their father is good for nothing. Misan stands out as the most opinionated who gets bequeathed a large amount of close-up shots for his many expressions.

The third child, Jamie (Damilola Awosemo), is self-absorbed and selfie obsessed. The scene where a customer made passes at her in her mother’s shop shouldn’t have made it past the editors. Like the rest of her family members, the character was bent on an overkill. The film’s custom-made soundtrack was irritating and the costumes were tasteless… and rightfully so.

Drones may have been sent into outer space to capture the city-wide aerial views, but that still doesn’t forgive the poor production quality.

Despite coming to blows and quarrels over makeup or the absence of meat in a meal, Boomerang ends up as groggy and uninteresting. Shot by Damilola Ojomu, Idris Oba and Lawrence Adamah, the series will air twice a week – on Mondays and Wednesdays. Hopefully, better plots and improved comedy are anticipated in consequent releases.

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