Tuesday, 4 Oct 2022
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New Video – Top of the World

The Theme Song for the African Cup of Nations tournament which was held in South Africa this year, introduced D’banj to a much wider African audience and stage. I was greatly ecstatic at this and wondered how it was going to sound.
Now even though Shakira and K’naan theme songs were for the World cup (a larger and more global audience), both songs had videos that resonate around football and the tournament, a path I believe dbanj should  have towed, especially since the tournament had ended and  we won, there must have been tonnes of footage from the team he could have gotten instead of  the use of the same clip over and over again and even if he didn’t have access to that footage, he could have made an arrangement with the Super Eagles and had a much cooler/inspiring video that just him singing into  several mics.
I wasn’t totally sold on his song especially because there was just that something, that made it sound a lot like Katy Perry’s “Fire Work!” but he did try, cause this isn’t what we are use to from dbanj anyway.
So what y’all think?

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