Tuesday, 4 Oct 2022
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“MTV Shuga: In Real Life 2018” explores Sexual misconceptions, Poverty & Youth, in Nigeria.

Some days after the last episode of season 5 of MTV Shuga made its debut, the show launched a documentary that shows where the inspiration for the stories came from. We meet real people that inspired the character of Tobi, Faa, Diana, Hadiza and Leila. From Kano to Lagos, there are many stories that are explored in the new documentary and a lot of must-see moments.

The MTV  crew travels to Kano, to get a real life testimonial from the young lady who inspired the character of Hadiza. Hadiza is the Northern character, who is married off at a young age, refused education and has to find her way to Lagos to further her education. The young woman who inspires the story, tells us how difficult it is to get education because of the background she is born in.

The documentary also focuses on three couples from Lagos and they give reasons why they don’t use protection when having sex. They also discuss how their parents brought up the conversation on sex from a very young age. The discomfort at the topic is one of the reason they are struggling to understand sex at this age.

Diana, who leads her friends to a party where one of them is raped is a real character too. We watch Mariam (inspiration for Diana), a young woman who says she makes a source of living from selling her friends for sex. From Bachelor Parties to male dominated parties, where this young women can be seen and bought for the night.

It also features medical personnel’s that dispel many rumors about contraceptives and sex.

Watch the documentary below and tell us if it covers many of the challenges on sex, youth and poverty in our society today.

“MTV Shuga Real Life 2018”


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