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Movie Review: Wet is another Nollywood male-savior drama!

Director: Emmanuel Mang-Eme

Producer: Ruth Kadiri

Screenplay: Yinka Ogun

Cast: Eddie Watson, Ruth Kadiri, Innocenthia Ihebie, Monique Samuel, Emmanuel Mang-Eme, Chris Akurandu

Year: 2018

Before you get really offended by the title for this review, keep in mind that there are too many films in Nollywood that do not allow women accommodate the strength they are capable of. One of them is “Wet”.

At the center of the story is a female executive, with an impressive career. However, she has a health problem. She wets the bed after every night and has been trying to get medical help for it. This condition restricts her from going into relationships. The health challenge is set off as a result of her hectic work life, she decides to request for an assistant and gets Barry (Eddie Watson), who she falls in love with.

He is willing to ignore her health challenge and get in a relationship with her. What intentionally, or unintentionally comes out of this narrative is taking the focus off her career, which was an initial focus and instead put a focus on the relationship. Barry becomes the miraculous healing progress. Her career suffers whenever he offends her — either by having his girlfriend re-emerge or through other factors.

“Wet” started with a promise like many other Nollywood films. It looses focus along the way and instead puts Barry at the center. This is enough for the film to make its audience lose focus.

Ruth Kadiri has produced many films like this one. The woman starts strong but is lost in a string of events that let the film end shallow. No entertainment or intellectual value.

“Wet” earns a 4/10 from Xplore.


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