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Movie Review: “Trapped” serves an enjoyable karma inspired Drama!

Producer: Felix Ohis Odion

Director: Felix Ohis Odion

Screenplay: Felix Ohis Odion

Cast: Theresa Edem, Sydney Ekwulugo, Moyo Lawal, Keppy Ekpenyong

Year: 2017

The popular saying karma never misses an address lives through this absolutely enjoyable drama by Felix Ohis Odion.

When the Head of Services of a flourishing company is transferred to a new branch in Ikoyi, the need to have a replacement arises. The position is supposed to be handed to the longest serving staff Bianca (Moyo Lawal), unfortunately, the board finds her unworthy of the position and they offer it to Furo Ogaji (Theresa Edem). This causes a rift and Bianca swears to get back the position.

Furo has a happy marriage, problem brews in her family when her husband is involved in a fraudulent deal and is required to raise N5 million to avoid jail. Unfortunately, Furo asks Bianca for help, and Bianca uses the opportunity to set Furo up. Furo loses her job and her husband Nicholas also ends up jobless. Karma soon catches up with Bianca and she loses her job in a very suitable way.

“Trapped” is a little over one hour long and one of the few Nollywood films that you will enjoy so much, and wish it had a few more minutes to offer. It offers a delightful experience. It strategically promotes faith too, we hear the couple Furo and Nicholas mention God a number of times, and when their relationship gets hard and they suffer some trials, they leave it to God. I love the execution! It focuses on the struggle of human beings, and does not stretch religion like it is regularly done. The couple believe in God but we do not see the film focus wholly on their religion or their faith, it makes for a pleasurable experience. The script writer pays attention to every character with equal care and gives them the best to work with.

The enjoyment that comes from “Trapped” is not just credited to the scriptwriter but to Moyo Lawal as Franca. Another act would not have served us the type of humor brought to the character by Moyo. She breathes life into the part of Franca and even as the main villain; we enjoy her enough to expect more scenes featuring her. The chemistry that exists between Theresa Edem and Sydney Ekwulugo makes the film pleasurable. For Keppy Ekpenyong, he proves that no role is too small to make a splash of it. As the Managing Director, he does a good job!

Sound is superb as well as the use of locations.

It earns an 8/10 from Xplore.



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