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Movie Review: “The Blindspot” an attempt of reuniting Rita Dominic & Femi Jacobs fails!

Director: Igunwe Alfred Otaniyuwa

Screenplay: Igunwe Alfred Otaniyuwa-

Cast: Rita Dominic, Etinosa Idemusa, Femi Jacobs

Year: 2018

Since they both featured in “The Meeting,” Rita Dominic and Femi Jacobs have become popular choices for casting directors. They collaborated on “The Guest” in February of 2016 and now “The Blindspot” tries to capitalize on the chemistry between both stars but it fails.

Ekemini and Ayomide are engaged and when we meet them during their introduction, we know that the couple is set for some trouble. While he wants to have sex, she wants to go for wedding shopping. His insistence forces Ekemini to give Ayomide a stern warning before traveling. She repeats to him, like she would a kid, to avoid cheating. As soon as she leaves, he hooks up with a stripper. There is no care in the world that he is about to be a married man. He brings his stripper food in bed and concentrates on pampering her, until he hears of the return of his fiancée.

Ekemini and Ayomide get married soon after but their marriage is set for doom. Ayo is unable to perform and this complicates their marital journey.

Producers should have known that this film was meant to be released directly to a streaming site and not at the cinema. There are not many people that have heard of “The Blindspot” at the cinema. Even its lead stars seem to have withdrawn from telling their fans to go and have a look at their new film. “The Blindspot” is not how you want to look at Nollywood so early in the year. It should have been released last year so that we have a really clean start to 2018. There is nothing fascinating here.

There is a serious struggle with the development of the script and it reflects.

This story is not new, nothing extraordinary and you don’t have to rush to the cinema to catch it.

“The Blindspot” earns a 4/10 from Xplore.

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