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Movie Review: “Sobi’s Mystic” Biodun Stephen continues to Triumph with another romance flick

Director: Biodun Stephen

Producer: Biodun Stephen

Script: Biodun Stephen

Cast: Kunle Remi, Bolaji Ogunmola, Mofe Duncan, Emem Ufot

Year: 2017

In Nollywood, there are very few directors that are known for sticking to a particular genre in filmmaking. Directors in Nollywood like to dabble- they try romance, they try epic- they try everything, and there is nothing wrong with that, but Biodun Stephen comes with a difference. You can be assured that the director has her genre figured out, and once it is a Biodun Stephen film, a lot of romance will play out. Sobi’s Mystic is no different from the other works of Biodun, it is a romance flick like her past works. Just like others, the lead characters name is inspiration for Biodun’s film. Ovy’s Voice took inspiration from Ovy, and Tiwa’s Baggage from Tiwa, and now Sobi and Mystic, are both characters that provide inspiration for the title of Biodun’s recent effort.

Sobi (Kunle Remi) is a playboy; he has history with many of the girls in town. Mystic (Bolaji Ogunmola) as we first know her is a respectable woman at home, but when away from family, a different persona thrives. Sobi and Mystic have a chance encounter, and after they have a sexual relationship. She keeps teasing Sobi, and restricts every information about herself from getting out. The more she teases, the more Sobi wants to know about her. When we meet her family, there are two children, and it looks to us that her intention is to keep this away from Sobi. He eventually finds out, but everything we think of Sobi is not what she is.

Biodun Stephen has the intrigues. Sobi’s Mystic is mostly shot in the night club and she chooses Kunle Remi to play lead in this one. Kunle is doing an incredible job as an actor and he is meeting up to the hype. In Sobi’s Mystic, he carries us through the journey. We meet a playboy that gets hurts, and Kunle does an incredible job of the work handed to him.

On the other hand is Bolaji Ogunmola who is new to many of us but handles her role as Mystic properly. She is calm, reserved and motherly at home, but outside, she is a night girl. She loves her booze and will have casual sex for the love of it. Her personality switches regularly which is what makes her character interesting, her acting on the other hand is what sustains us.

Biodun Stephen takes the director’s chair on this one, and it is a great improvement from her directorial debut, Tiwa’s Baggage.

Sobi’s Mystci earns a 7/10

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