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Movie Review: “Sex & Love” is a story we should do away with in 2018!

Producer: Okey Ifeanyi

Director: Ruth Kadiri

Screenplay: Ruth Kadiri

Cast: Ruth Kadiri, Eddie Watson, Lisa Onu, Onyi Alex

Year: 2017

Ruth Kadiri wanted to make a scripted version of “The Bachelor” and so she came up with “Sex and Love”. She hires the excellent Eddie Watson as the price to be won by a number of women.

“Sex and Love” begins with two brothers quarreling over the affection of a woman that has tried to play them both. When the elder brother reveals his lack of interest in love and how he thinks falling in love is a scam, the younger brother decides to invite women to win the affection of his stone-hearted brother.

Christy Okwonkwo (Ruth Kadiri) has just been swindled by her boyfriend and she appears to want the attention of the young and richest bachelor in town. She visits the house, which is Ruth Kadiri’s make of Hollywood’s “The Bachelor”, other women are there too. They cook special meals, make extra effort on the hair and makeup to get the attention of one man (Eddie Watson). As expected Christy ends up the only one less likely to be a gold digger.

“Sex and Love” is not the type of film we expected to be seeing in 2018 but it is one of the first films iRoko TV has uploaded for the year. Could be a bad sign, but we hope not.

Eddie Watson is too much talent for these types of roles. Ruth Kadiri is also an excellent actor to continue in such productions. It is painful to sit through this film, it is neither great on dialogue or in drama. It is just there to make women look desperate and to reinstate the place of a man in our already struggling society.

Watching this film will do nothing for you. Just desist.

“Sex and Love” earns a 3/10 from Xplore.

Rating: 3.7/5. From 3 votes.
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