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Movie Review: “Perfect” has an over-flogged Plot!

Director: Uche Odoputa

Producer: Uche Odoputa

Screenplay: Confidence Onyegbu

Cast: Ruth Kadiri and Uche Odoputa

Year: 2017

Ruth Kadiri is one underrated performer, she has been consistent and it is difficult to continue to watch her in similar roles.  She also has a knack for acting in films about married couples. It explains why Uche Odoputa will hire her to play Eva, in a film about a married couple that are ruined by pressure from friends.

When we meet Kiernan (Uche Odoputa) he is a helpful man around the house, helping his wife with the chores and her exaltation of him, stabilizes him as a faithful husband. Whenever his friends visit, they complain about his attitude around the house, “A man does not cook  or wash” this gets to him. He does not curtail this intrusion, rather, he falls victim to it by feeling inadequate. Male ego shines in this one, and he treats his wife as an outsider.

“Perfect” is a story of an almost perfect couple turned helpless, and while it has a lot of lessons to teach, and the need for communication in marriage, it drags on for too long , with a number of needless scenes. This is a message that could have been clear in an hour. Influence + Ego mix to ruin a good marriage, but after the harm what next. We are taken through almost  every hour of the couple’s journey and before the first hour is completed, there are a number of scenes the director should have done Without. Cutting off these scenes would have not affected the essence of the story, but they go on and on, and we get tired.

If you are looking to watch this film, you should know that it is one long ride that could have been executed in an hour and fifteen minutes. The lessons are there, but execution is quite poor.

“Perfect” earns 4/10 from Xplore

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