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Movie Review: “Paranoia” dives into Religious Malpractice!

Producer: Ugochukwu Okoro E.

Director: Simon Peace Maker

Cast: Oma Nnadi, Uche Udoputa, Ruth Kadiri, Williams Uche Mba, Ogechi Peters

Year: 2017

A couple has been married for years without having a child. The woman is also frustrated that she stays at home all day, while her husband pursues his career. She suggests they hire a help, they get a girl from the village. Years down, she gets pregnant but her involvement with a church leads to extreme maltreatment of the help they’ve brought from the village. A neighbour tries to intervene by getting the police involved, but the wife, a skilled manipulator, hides from the face of law. She uses the bible and witchcraft to justify every maltreatment on the young girl.

We have watched films that have depicted the maltreatment of house helps and how that has backfired for those that maltreat them. I am impressed by the ability of the filmmakers involved with “Paranoia” to put a twist to it. Religion is the first bone of contention here. The filmmakers use it as a tool to explore why anyone will maltreat another human being. A pastor tells a housewife that she has brought a witch into her house, instead of send the witch back to the village, the housewife maltreats the witch to set her free. There are scenes where we see Oma and her pastor in conversation with each other. It is interesting the promises he makes and how she believes without questioning.

There is a clear cut effort to enlighten its audience on religion extremism. “Paranoia,” despite the many errors that re-occur from this production is interesting to watch. It is also commendable that the police play a strong part to the storytelling and how the case of domestic violence is brought to book. There is no wild transformation of the help becoming a mega billionaire and her former boss coming to beg at her feet.

“Paranoia” passes an important message with moderation that is why it is recommended.

“Paranoia” is showing on iRoko TV and earns a 7/ 10 from Xplore.



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