Friday, 15 Jan 2021
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Movie Review: “Over the Edge” dramatizes an insecure woman in a marriage!

Producer: Ruth Kaidiri

Director: Emmanuel Mang Emeh

Script: Ruth Kadiri

Cast: Ruth Kadiri, Eddie Watson

“Men cheat! It is in their nature”, ever come across this very cliché saying? I am sure you have. It is the manuscript that excuses men all the time, we tell them it is in their DNA and so they should do it to the fullest. This serves as inspiration for Ruth Kadiri in “Over the Edge”.

Nora (Ruth Kadiri) has heard her friends complain of cheating husbands, the story is not only limited to her friends but also stories about philandering men gets her. She has a hard time oing anything else but imagining that her husband will cheat. Her husband, Jerry (Eddie Watson) who is established from the first scene as a faithful man suffers from her inability to trust him because she believes that all men cheat. She offers him girls for a foursome to feel better, tracks his phone, and beats up his secretary because of her insecurity. We see an unstable woman that has traces of a mental illness, but it is distrust and it happens.

The writing is fresh and is a new perspective on the problem of cheating men. It preaches the value of trust in marriages, and it is also good that this film goes straight to the point and does not devise unneeded scenes. Ruth Kadiri writes a script that is not over indulgent but is a continuation of her love for scripting stories on unstable married couples. She also produces this and employs the assistance of Eddie Watson.

“Over the Edge” is pleasurable, and the good story is not the only thing that will keep you hooked. Acting is enjoyable!

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