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Movie Review: Okey Ifeanyi’s ‘Looking Back’ Is Gripping And Hardly Forgettable!

Director: Okey Ifeanyi

Story: Emeka Michael Oguike

Screenplay: Ejike Chidedu Obim

Cast: Alexx Ekubo, Ruth Kadiri, Uzor Arukwe, Austin Awujor, Stella Udeze, Jane Bassey, Dare Oladepo

Genre: Drama, Romance

Runtime: 1hr 39mins

This film isn’t about an overbeaten plot set around getting married quickly, rather, it’s a well crafted tale on childlessness and the extremes a husband would go to hide an embarrassing secret. Looking Back follows Chike (Alexx Ekubo) and Joy (Ruth Kadiri) who’ve been married without children for over four years. With their mothers championing for a grandchild, the couple are forced to visit a doctor (with unusually long eye-lashes) where Chike discovers he’s been the problem all along.

A scene I had issues with was where Alexx Ekubo (Mr. & Mrs. Posh) was fiddling with his lunch and Ruth Kadiri (Sex & Love) was rubbing his head. Some scenes were quite hilarious, like where Chike (obviously ashamed and confused) couldn’t cajole his wife to lie about their fruitless situation to anyone. Later on, the scene he tried to initiate sex with her and she refused (the way he’d done before the table turned) is a part no viewer should miss.

Facial expressions, the intermittent use of Igbo language, and the camera angles (plus the effects) were satisfying. Asides being attention-binding enough for the cinemas, the screenplay was also impressive and the story-line was on course till the end. There were no side attractions nor were there scenes that dragged on forever. The movie soundtrack wasn’t disturbing nor was it unappealing and the costumes (by Mary Abubakar) were good from the word go (as seen with the security guard, Dare Oladepo, in his traditional cap and white singlet).

The morals were concise and the finish was on point, thanks to a stellar performance by Uzor Arukwe (In-Line). And according to the end-note: things happen with time and chance, (and it) is never to late for God to do something. Shot by Samuel Rowland (Hello) and produced by Okey Ifeanyi (Who Cheats More, Black Bride), this film is moving, deep, and hardly forgettable.

Looking Back shows on IrokoTV and is rated 6/10.

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