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Movie Review: Okey Ifeanyi Hammers On The Consequences Of Greed In ‘Mr. & Mrs. Posh’!

Story, Director: Okey Ifeanyi

Cast: Alexx Ekubo, Onyii Alex, Oge Okoye, Belinda Effah, Daniel Lloyd, Alex Ayalagu, Justice ‘Ushbebe’ Nuagbe

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Runtime: 1hr 58mins

Written and directed by Okey Ifeanyi (Who Cheats More), this film follows a fresh graduate (Alex Ekubo as ‘Wesey’) who leaves Warri to stay with his uncle (Alex Ayalagu) in Lagos. The uncle wins the lottery and a paid trip to the US, consequently leaving the house to him. Wesey, in no time, finds Emilia (Onyii Alex) on a ride through town, accepts (falsely) the identity of his renowned uncle, and brings her home. The cinematography (by Tunde Adekoya) in this film may have been manageable but the overacting, especially from Onyii Alex, was something else.

Furthermore, Mr. & Mrs. Posh leaves a few questions in its wake. Like how was Emilia (the self-acclaimed senator’s daughter) able to maintain her false image for over six months? How did she sleep in the master’s bedroom for that long and not see any of the uncle or his wife’s personal effects (to disprove the jobless graduate)? And later on, why was Jessica (Oge Okoye playing a best friend) so worked up over one of Emilia’s claims? After helping to fraudulently take money off George (Daniel Lloyd) somewhere near the beginning, I assumed she welcomed any other concortations.

Asides the acting, the scenes often started too early, dragged past the point and then continued for too long. In the end, this film comes off as an over-dramatized chastise on the folly of a fake life.

Mr. & Mrs. Posh is rated 2/10.

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