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Movie Review: “Me, You and the Boys”, A Feel Good Movie!!!

Director:  Esther Abah

Script: Abayomi Alvin

Cast: Linda Ejiofor, Lota Chukwu, Seun Akindele, Ifeanyi Kalu

Year: 2017

There are films that don’t quite make the effort to do anything exceptional, and they fall on our good side. “Me, You and the Boys” is one of those films. In part, it is a documentation of the life of some Bachelors and in part it is a comedy that is there to make you have a good time.

Bhadmus (Seun Akindele) is our narrator and has had nothing but difficult relationships. One girlfriend is after money, the other is a religious fanatic and too uptight, and when he meets the perfect one, his roommates and brother plot to get rid of her. While Abigail (Linda Ejiofor) does her best to meet up with the requirement of four grown men, they don’t quite appreciate that she has the full attention of Bhadmus. Even when she cooks for the glutton, tries to start a conversation with the uptight friend, and support the budding career of Bhamus’s younger brother, she does not fit in. There is an interesting tug of war and everyone tries to prove their importance. Unfortunately for Abigail, the boys are not the only people against her, she learns the hard way.

I love the tone of this film because it does not make an effort to stick in your mind but it does. Some of the situations in “Me, You and the Boys” are purely invented and will be rare attributes to find in anyone but the writer’s intention is to make the audience shriek with laughter, and this succeeds on several levels. From the title of the project, the film is projected as nothing too serious and that is another plus for the filmmaker.

It is good that the expertise of Seun Akindele is employed; he is weird and an exceptional actor that does an exceptional job of representing the character of Bhadmus on screen.  Linda Ejiofor, Ifeanyi Kalu and every actor that appears on this one does an exceptional job of the script handed to them. It proves that the collaboration between the right actors, right script and director can make a film worth your time.

If you read our review of “Happy Birthday, Dad”, and if our review made you watch the film, and you enjoyed it, then you will enjoy this film as much as you enjoyed “Happy Birthday, Dad”. Trust us, and check this one out.

Me, You and the Boys earn a 7/10



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