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Movie Review: “Love in the Wrong Places” is neither good or shabby!

Producer: Akanma Misodi

Director: Austine Nwaolie

Cast: Seun Akindele, Genny Uzoma, Ben Shallom, Bimbo Ademoye, Etinosa Idemudia

Year: 2017

There are many wrong places to find love, it all depends on you and what you think of love itself. “Love in the Wrong Places” might give you a few ideas to the wrong places you could find love.

In “Love in the Wrong Places” we meet a philandering young man (Seun Akindele), who as always is blessed with a lovely ‘main’ girlfriend. He is unsatisfied and so we meet other women he negotiates sex with. Our concern is his cousin (Ben Shallom) who is an honest guy. He graduated with a third class from the university and feels unsatisfied with his job, so he quits to become an entrepreneur. It looks like a good start for him, but his girlfriend breaks up with him. It shatters his hope.

To help him move on, his philandering cousin hires a prostitute to help him get over the girl that broke his heart. The prostitute leaves a lasting mark. He goes back to her and as he falls in love, he is about to learn shocking details of the woman that has gotten his attention for the second time.

“Love in the Wrong Places” is interesting to watch not because we have not seen this type of story before but the execution here makes this quite memorable.

Seun Akindele and Ben Shallom make an interesting pair on screen but Genny Uzoma also surprises by meeting up to the role given to her. Bimbo Ademoye shines better than the others, as a prostitute. Her facial expression and one-liners give the film a boost. That said, “Love in the Wrong Places” is not one of those exceptional, never-seen-before stories. It will look too familiar and you will listen to some unnecessary dialogue and watch unnecessary scenes. It gets a pass simply for making an effort to being enjoyable and for hiring a truly interesting cast.

“Love in the Wrong Places” scores a 6/10 from Xplore.

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