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Movie Review: In “Uncloaked” a Gay Man is Severely Depressed

Director: Daniel Oriahi

Producer: Ijeoma Grace Agu

Screenplay: Laini Aidisa

Cast: Baaj Adebule, Ijeoma Grace Agu, Adeniyi Johnson, Tina Mba, Kelechi Udegbe, and Keppy Ekpenyong

Year: 2017

For a secret so carefully kept, and one that could lead to fourteen years in jail, what do you do about it? Tell a psychologist or take it to the grave? In Uncloaked, we meet a severely depressed man, the death of a family member causes his severe depression, but he is Gay and that is also a problem for him.

He is not the only one with a story to hide because we watch the story unveil in a psychologists’ office. Different stories are shared but even the psychologist has something to hide. She is having a sexual relationship with a pastor. The problem is that they are unmarried.

Uncloaked is there to reveal the many facets of hypocrisy. Some are bold to share their secrets, and others never share. The camera offers us an experience through the lives of others and we understand that there are no perfect lives. Ijeoma Grace Agu plays the psychologist and her real life husband Daniel Oriahi makes an appearance as a disturbed husband going through series of challenges with his wife.

Baaj Adebule plays a severely depressed gay character and he does a good job, representing his characters journey, from absolute pain to sheer discomfort.

Uncloaked starts good until sound totally ruins the production. While sound is clear in some scenes, there are scenes that are absolutely silent and we cannot hear  character names or their conversation. The picture seizes and I am shocked that the film ends up showing on Iroko TV. I trust the artistry of Ijeoma Grace Agu and Daniel Oriahi and I cannot understand why there was no second recording for sound.

While the story and acting make this quite intriguing, sound is missing for most of the production, so save your data for now.

Uncloaked earns a 4/10


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