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Movie Review: Home captures the effects of Parental Neglect and Abandonment

  • Verdict6.0

‘Home’ earns a 6/10 from Xplore.

6.0Overall Score

Director: Austine Lordlaz

Writer: Austine Lordlaz

Producer: Austine Lordlaz

Cast: Ekpe Junior Ekpe, Joshua Okemiri, Jane Essien Essiet, Glory Asam

Year: 2018

In “Home” a young boy is caught up in the midst of his parents fight. Their fight escalates to a point where their young son is involved in an accident because he decides to do everything for himself.

Like many short films with intention to educate and raise social consciousness on a matter, “Home” is straight to the point without complications in the narrative. The first few minutes feature the couple unable to meet eye to eye or speak to each other. When they do, they raise their voices in a fight. They involve the maid in the fight. In those moments, the maid becomes  more of a parent to junior than his biological parents are. She is also caught up in the demands of the couple, each one not letting her to perform duties for another.

Home is a straight story that can be understood by children as young as Junior, who is just seven years old, but it also leaves much to be desired. For example, Austine never explores the situation that has led the couple to this stage. While a short film does not allow as many minutes for explanation, this could have been achieved with quick dialogue or a minute given to achieving this from the total show time.

With short films, filmmakers are very conscious of what is at stake, there is never enough time to be too explanatory and “Home” achieves a good level of that purpose by being direct. While there are many short films that have treated the issue of abuse, there are very few that have captured the effect of parental fight on children, this makes “Home” recommendable.

Austine Lodlaz is a young filmmaker, who has worked on a number of small projects. ‘Home’ projects the future of a filmmaker that has more to offer and this can only be the beginning.

‘Home’ earns a 6/10 from Xplore.



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