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Movie Review; ‘Dream House’ is purely artistic!

Producer: Muyiwa Aluko

Director: Muyiwa Aluko

Scriptwriter: Muyiwa Aluko

Cast: Femi Jacobs, Matilda Obaseki, Kehinde Bankole,

Year: 2017

A young couple Akin (Femi Jacobs) and Elena (Matilda Obaseki-Modia) find a new and bigger house they have interest in buying.  The house is what they have always wanted and when they become financially ready for it, Elena feels uncomfortable and would rather a smaller house.  A flower vase, however, attracts Elena and it is enough reason to purchase the house. After moving into the house, strange things begin to happen. For Elena, a ghost shares the house with them; Akin does not agree with this and blames it on her fear of having a big house. When things get too complicated, and Elena begins to act strangely, Akin fears that his wife is mentally ill.

In its first minutes “Dream House” focuses on a happy couple, and we watch their relationship change in phases. The writer indulges the viewer by taking us from happiness-fear-worry-uncertainty-sadness-death. The writing is impressive because it requests patience from the viewer. The purpose of the film is not established in its first hour but each scene is a reason to anticipate the next.

“Dream House” will leave you speechless for its impeccable production design and use of visual effects. The director, Muyiwa Aluko is bold with his choices. The commendable use of shots aids in storytelling. “Dream House” is laced with strategic placement of scenes to give you a ghost story that is rarely seen in Nollywood.The film is intriguing not only for its commendable story line, or its superb acting but because it triumphs as a visually enticing film. You wouldn’t want to look elsewhere because the beauty is by watching the hard work invested in creating this visually appealing work of art. The editing, production design, cinematography and the visual effects of this work is elevating and proves that there are talents that care about the art. In “Dream House” a different type of ghost make its debut in Nollywood, this ghost is not in white or with a white painted face. She is easy on the eye and is also a reason to admire the depth of work that went into the editing room. Technical time was spent on this film, and yes you should watch it.

There are scenes with no dialogue but the impressive design and use of shots communicated the story. The cinematography is absolutely Ah-mazing.

For Matilda Obaseki and Femi Jacobs you will totally forget that the actors are acting. They enjoy a magnetic chemistry on screen, and depending on your emotional strength, you might shed a tear or two after this because the scriptwriter is bold to create twists that we never expect from the start. These are the types of exceptional twists that hardly happen in Nollywood films. The twist here will break your heart until you remember that, it was just a film. But again, films mirror reality.

This is not a drill; do you have time for a good movie? Check Dream House on Iroko TV. Femi Jacobs and Matilda Obaseki will leave you highly impressed but first, make sure you pay attention to every other detail on your screen; it is where the magic is.

Dream House earns a 9/10 from Xplore.

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