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Movie Review: “Double Stud” the use of its female character as an evil plot!

Director: Tissy Nnachi

Producer: Emeka Micheal Oguike

Script: Metalik

Cast: Belinda Effah, Daniel Lloyd, Victor Olaitan, Stella Udeze, Annabel Mbonu

Year: 2017

Some romance stories start out really bold with a future in sight but somehow they lose focus and give a whole dose of disappointment to the viewer.

Benjamin (Daniel Lloyd) and Cordelia (Belinda Effah) are the brains behind the success of the company they work for.  They are under a controlling boss who does not out rightly reflects his obsession with control until his daughter Olivia (Stella Udeze) returns from the US. He wants her to take over the company and since Benjamin has done a good job of handling important tasks at work, he pairs Olivia and Benjamin together, and insists they start a romantic relationship, that should lead to marriage for the sake of wealth. The problem is, Benjamin and Cordelia are in a relationship and he is not ready to forfeit this relationship.  When the boss finds out about this relationship, he threatens Cordelia, who breaks up with Benjamin. Benjamin ends up with Olivia and Cordelia marries the aged boss, later we find that it is all a plan. A plan that lets Cordelia play the evil character by poisoning her husband to death, Benjamin is involved in this too but Cordelia is the evil character in all of these.

Storytelling is essential to our society but if the type of stories we keep getting insist that women are only capable of damage then we can do without them. Double Stud is the type of story that we have watched in countless Nollywood films before. Two lovers are separated and to get revenge the lady is at the center of accomplishing the entire evil plan. There are definitely people that will enjoy the purpose of this story but I didn’t. It started good, I was ready to see how these lovers will fight and conquer, and instead the script follows the usual cliché.

This is the first time that I paid real attention to the acting of Daniel Lloyd and he is an impressive actor. Belinda Effah fits perfectly in her role as Cordelia. The sound is impressive and cinematography is well executed.

Double Stud earns a 3/10

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