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Movie Review: “Dognapped”; A Dog takes center stage in interesting Drama

Producer: Temilola Adebayo

Director: Kayode Kasum

Screenplay: Kayode Kasum

Cast: Julius Agwu, Wofai Fada, Funny Bone, Tope Tedela, Lota Chukwu,

Year: 2017

The cast of “Dognapped” trusted the art they made so much that they predicted the film will end up making N100 Million at the cinemas. Their expectation failed;  the film did not last long in the cinema, and they had to sell to Conga TV where the film is currently showing.

“Dognapped” is an independent effort from Kayode Kassum and the trailer was quite hopeful. Nollywood has not stabilized its ability at animation and creating a film about a dog that speaks should be  interesting, and it was.

Andy (Tope Tedela) aspires to be a comedian, and for days, he thinks of himself in clubs entertaining groups and earning applauds. Andy is far from funny and that is where his dream of entering the comedy industry begins to fail. Andy is not funny, but he has a dog, Bruno (voiced by Julius Agwu) who offers hilarious jokes. Andy decides to take notes from his dog; so, whenever Bruno throws a joke, Andy copies it.

He also wants to ruin his competition Comedian Ebiye, who has gained prominence from standup comedy. When he starts using Bruno’s jokes, things look up for Andy, but Bruno gets kidnapped.

How do you explain to a police that your dog speaks, and that your dog has been kidnapped? “Dognapped” offers good humor and is commendable for  Kasumu’s attempt to offer Nollywood something impressive  that has not been properly explored. Dialogue is outstanding here, but not the plot. The story has moments where the ambition of creating a sensational comedy drowns its purpose.

“Dognaped” also banks on impressive actors and might be one of those films you might want to take a chance with, on one of those bad days.

“Dognapped’ earns a 6/10 from Xplore

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