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Movie Review: “Based on Principle” dramatizes Celebrity Misconceptions!

Producer: Lancelot Oduwa Imaseun

Director: Lancelot Oduwa Imaseun

Screenplay: Beth Rogers

Cast:  Eddie Watson, Ebube Nwagbo, Shirley Igwe, Etinosa Idemudia

Year: 2017

Based on principle, there are a lot of things we think we know about celebrities that are not true, and in its first minutes, “Based on Principle” is an attempt to dramatize the situation.

Robert (Eddie Watson) is a radio personality, with a voice that gets him the female callers, they also double as stalkers. The unfortunate thing is,  he shares his intention of settling with a good woman on radio, and every woman wants in. His younger sister, Mariam (Etinosa Idemudia) takes a fee from female friends to hook them to her brother. His colleague, Claire (Ebube Nwagbo) is obsessed with the star.

However, his interest is in Jenny (Shirley Igwe) who is an actress and a well-sort one. They start a relationship but Claire is unable to have them enjoy this relationship, because of jealousy. She plants stories all over to get them separated. They eventually do, but love brings them back together.

While “Based on Principle” breaks the stereotype of female stars having to sleep their way to the top, it does not stop the script from having a number of shameless female characters. “Based on Principle” is enjoyable because of the cast, Shirley Igwe is a strong asset for the film, but the plot on the other hand is unbearable. Any film with a hot male star should be enjoyable, but there are scenes  that are unbelievable and fail in execution. You will watch this film without guessing that Lancelot Imaseun will be involved in this production, but he is.

The tone for “Based on Principle” is dull and there are many other cliches we could mention but this should tell you to keep off.

“Based on Principle” earns a 4/10


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