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Director –  Ike Nnaebue, Rukky Sanda and Valentine Beid
Written ByRukky Sanda
StarringTonto Dikeh, Rukky Sanda, Alex Usifo, Ikay Ogbonna and Alex Ekubo.

Up and coming actress, producer, executive producer and now director Rukky Sanda, brings us this drama stint titled LOVELORN. According to Wikipedia, Lovelorn means being miserable because  of unrequited love or unhappiness in love. In fact this movie title has been used as music album and also has a 2010 British movie.

Initially, I thought it was a direct copy of the British movie but after reading the British versions plot and watching the Nigerian version, there was obviously a difference and a clear understanding of what the title signifies.

Nikki played by Rukky Sanda finds herself in that situation where she wants (not needs oh!) to be in love as her friends, Wanda and Tom, played by Tonto Dikeh and Alex Ekubo just got hitched. Nikki has been in a relationship with her mafia leader boyfriend Chief Alexander Johnson for over 8 years and is in a pickle as to where the relationship is heading.

Enters Sean/Shawn (not sure which spelling suffices, but I guess you get my drift) played by Ikay Ogbonna ( smh don’t get this spelling??? what happen to good ol’ IKE)  Chiefs’ henchman and right winger. Sean, tries to be a respecter of his boss’ girl but obviously the lady love has plans of her own.

I must say, the coming together of the cast was cool,  I love the young youthful feel they tried to portray in the movie. I believe Tonto and Alex characters were spot on, as all they did was kiss and make out but it was an okay chemistry between them.

Much as Rukky is upcoming, I believe she did try her best, hitting on a man whether real or acting  is hard work, she managed to convince me that with proper work and training, she could make her career in acting  work. I know she is on with the times, but a piercing on her tongue will not help, as it will sound like she has a lisps problem. Plus what’s up with the skin lightening between her and Tonto, I know it’s none of my business, but the camera picked up(very glaring) shots of your knuckles and that of your supporting actresses, and all I can say is Wow.

For Ikay, hmmm what can I say, you are hot… But that doesn’t translate to your acting. I got conflicting messages when Sean said he won’t date the boss’ girl and then went ahead to date her… And when he was caught, goes home and packs clothes(smh). It was a good try from him as well, maybe needs to control the stammering a bit.  As for our good old Alex Usifo aka Talab Abass, I believe he shouldn’t have been in this movie at all… Hell no, he looked so out of place and even if he fits the role of evil mafia boss, this role was a tab bit beneath you.

 Production needs to be tighter, as some unnecessary scenes made the cut, driving in and out of places, partying; in fact I feel party scenes in any nollywood movie should be banned,  running on the beach and the boat ride, the only way to show viewers that they are lovers, (com’on, lets be creative!!!) And then the use of Whiz kid songs, either as a sound track or whatever just further belittles your project and don’t make you seem serious Rukky Sanda Productions.

While not as clever or riveting and after a second screening Lovelorn earns a D-.

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