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Lonely Hearts

Director – Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen
Written By– Uduak Oguamanam
 Starring– Ini Edo-Ehiagwina, Belinda Effah, Kenneth Okolie, Okey Uzoeshi,  Barbara Soky and Uche Jumbo
Genre– Romantic Comedy
Run time– 1:25:30

 It has certainly being a while, since I posted a review but, watching a Nollywood movie is a daunting task and I must commend anyone who has been in the business of reviewing movies for a while. While I might be a green horn, I must say, watching this movie was one that left me saying ‘o pe’ it has finished!!!

Aima is a hardworking reporter of a soft sell magazine,  kicked out of her druggy sister’s house and has nowhere to go. Having to deal with an overbearing boss, her solace comes in the person of Charles her colleague who she believes is gay. Aima accepts to stay in his place with his room mate until she is able to find her bearing, while a love triangle erupts between both of the guys.

One might feel oh, that must have been a short movie, but am sorry to burst your bubble, it’s a mix of stories weaved into one. So, there is Ini’s character, Debbie the director, married to the pompous, lacking confidence, wife basher, Perez who isn’t very happy of his wife success and does all he can to bring her down.

In terms of casting, I believe each character got what suited them, delivery to their characters was just okay for me. Aima played by Belinda had her moments but after a while it looked like she couldn’t give an expression without opening her mouth. I also couldn’t connect with her threatening her boss and still working with her! All I can say to that, is you never see, you never sabi. Kenneth is slowly become Nollywood’s romantic character, so move over Ramsey and Jim Iyke. Him and Okey  added the fun and comedy to the movie, but there was a need to stretch the limits, as the lengths they would go to get the babe of their supposed dreams was too shallow for my liking.

 For Uche Jumbo, no need for words! Ini Edo as a movie director, I believe I get a clear picture of how Nollywood truly operates and men, I can’t watch. So our directors have to scream? Hian Hollywood don spoil me oh! Thought while on set, one needs to use a megaphone or does that happen only when you are on a large set? I didn’t like those scenes one bit! I like her part where she had to deal with an overbearing husband and almost dying but that act 1 take 5 was just not working for me.

I am directly on the fence with this movie sha! Especially when there was a major glaring gaff in it? So, Ini’s husband strangles her to a coma and she ends up in a hospital without no life support or machines to keep her alive or breathing and then scenes later, we see her at the poolside with Aima, talking about how Aima had men issues and then she is back on the hospital bed screaming at her husband to leave her alone!!!

After all said, I watched this movie and wondered if I could truly keep up with Nollywood movies (lmao, smh) on a story telling level it must have been okay at some point, then it started getting long and boring. Lancelot brought his years of experience to this, but I didn’t see anything special that couldn’t have been pulled off by another director. I believe the post production editor should be shot, don’t care who he is, cause the beauty of any production work comes alive with a creative  or should I say an effective post production.

I will give Lonely Hearts a 3.5/10, oh, did I add that there is another Lonely Hearts movie from maybe like 2000 or 2005 that stared Stephanie Okereke and wait for it, Ini Edo!

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