Thursday, 8 Dec 2022
Major Productions News

Linda Ikeji adds original series “Igwe Must Hear this” to content planned for her TV station!

Linda Ikeji has announced a number of reality TV shows coming to her station and now there is an original scripted series making its debut.  “Igwe Must Hear This” is created by Linda Ikeji and features a young king who lived abroad for almost his whole life, then he came back to rule after his father passed away. The problem is, the Igew does not understand Igbo language and has to get an interpreter to communicate with his subjects.

The king will say one thing, the interpreter will say another to the people who come to his palace to report matters!

Linda has announced that her TV station will be making its online debut on the 22nd of May

Coming soon on Linda Ikeji TV.

Watch the trailer

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