Friday, 15 Jan 2021
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Jade Osiberu’s “Isoken” is on our radar for all the right reasons!

Nollywood is tricky. Sometimes the films with the bigger stars make more money, other times, trust word of mouth. But recently, nothing has given us a good reason to anticipate a film like a good marketing strategy. Ever wondered why A.Y keeps triumphing in the cinema, or why the Wedding Party made so much money. What about “Okafor’s Law” and the whole Omoni’s theory for marketing her films.

Not many films have been announced for the next section of the year but even if we had a thousand films to anticpate, Jade Osiberu’s “Isoken” is top on our list.

  1. It is Jade’s Debut at the Cinema: If you are a faithful Ndani TV fan, you will know how much Jade has contributed to the good stories we have seen from Ndani TV. This time around, she is bringing a great story about pressure to get marriage to the big screen. We trust Jade, thanks to her contribution to web series such as Skinny Girl in Transit, and it is one top reason we trust that “Isoken” will be a great film.
  2. The Film Trailer Looks as Real as it can get: We are talking about the pressure to get married. Dakore Akande is front back and center in the film trailer. Her younger sister gets married before her and she feels pressured to settle down, while making decisions, she meets a man that seems to confuse her. The trailer points to many things, especially the pressure from Nigerian families to get their daughters married. In an intriguing scene from the trailer, Isoken is at a party with her mother and sister, and when her mother wants to introduce her to a guest, she pushes Isoken’s sister aside, and instead offers Isoken-the unmarried one. That scene alone is enough to get us rushing to the cinema.
  3. Exceptional Marketing: We started hearing of Isoken in 2016. The producers of the film sustained a strong social media presence and they keep pushing the film on several platforms. The name and the presence of the film across many platforms is enough for us to check out the film. The producers trust the work that has been put in this film and it is a reason we want to trust the film and check it out.
  4. Before 30 Vibes: Did you catch the highly entertaining Before 30? Isoken gives us the same vibes. The party scene, the confusion between men, the friends and so much more. Probably because Before 30 takes inspiration from the pressure to get married, and Isoken does too. We hear age mentioned in the trailer, as much as it is mentioned in “Before 30”. We absolutely cherished “Before 30” and so, why not “Isoken”?

A bonus to the whole excitement for “Isoken” is the involvement of Dakore. We cannot wait to see how she tackles the role. Are you excited about “Isoken”?

What other films slated for release later in the year has you excited, and why?

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